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We want you to be completely educated on the process and functionality of Piece of Cake.  Only then will you get the full benefit of our platform and services, and only then will you profess its merits to your friends and associates.

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  • First line of support, shoot us an email, we will respond withing 24 hours. info@pocwebbuilder.com or use the form to your right!!

  • Need that answer now? We still have phones.  We may have our hands in the oven, so please be patient, leave us a message and we will call as soon as our hands won't melt the phone! Call us at 905-257-8698

  • Of course if you like to write letters with ink and paper... you can send it to the address below, we do get excited when we get actual real mail!!  Especially birthday cards! 

​Head office

Piece of Cake Website Builder and E-Commerce
1534 Oxford Avenue
Oakville, Ontario, Canada
L6H 1T9

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