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I had a website done (Wordpress) for me from a referral and they did an ok job, but it wasn’t what I had envisioned at all.  I couldn’t change or update anything and it was extremely difficult to navigate.   I didn’t know what to do, I had a business that was growing and my website was a key element in bringing me business.

Then through a networking group I met Sarvy and thank god.  She was about to launch her new web builder Piece of Cake and said it was easy it is to use.   I will admit after my terrible experience I was a little skeptical on how easy it would be for me, since I am not very tech savvy.   Sarvy and her team switched over my hosting and set up my basic page.  Then she handed me the reigns to customize and add content as needed.  

I was blown away at how user friendly and easy it was.  I had no trouble navigating through the different options and screens.  It was so easy to add content, media streaming and widgets.  The best part of the whole thing is that I could customize my mobile site to be different from the website.   I could remove the pictures and really stream line the information I wanted shown on a mobile device.   This was the largest selling point for me, since most people will look you up on their phone before a desktop, if ever.   I have never heard of a web builder having this kind of customizable feature and really sets Piece of Cake apart from the competition. 

I actually enjoyed working on my website and playing with all the different features without worrying I might break something.....Thank you so much to Sarvy and her team they saved my business and my sanity.