Kitchen Help

What if I can't bake my own site?
Don't sweat it Baker-ling! Our master Bakers can quickly create the
most delicious website for you, based on your custom ingredients,
while you sit back and enjoy a latte!

How easy is Piece of Cake?
Our Piece of Cake software is so easy to use, we have heard people have done it in their sleep!

Can I purchase a Domain from Piece of Cake?
Yes, we provide a simple way to purchase a domain, you will be asked as part of your account creation if you have a domain already or would like us to assist with one.

Can I edit my POC site after publishing it?
Yes, absolutely, one of the benefits of POC is that you can edit as much and as often as you like

Have a question you don't see here? Contact Us and we would be thrilled to assist you in your baking journey!